How we pick the best

Want the best?
When it’s time to buy something, you head to the Internet.

You check out the review websites, ratings and user opinions.  It’s easy to let a few hours disappear and still be left wondering “what is the best?”

Be warned- some of these sites have paid reviews (with biased information).

That’s just plain wrong.  You just can’t trust some of those reviews!

We’ve found a better way.

We start right where you do and search for the best online.  Then we:

1)  Take it much further by weeding out the paid reviews and posts from the company’s marketing department (you know they do this, right?).

2)  Search articles online, in forums, magazines and libraries (yes it’s old school, I know) to learn more about each product.

3)  We also do our own testing.

4)  Present one clear winner to you.

Our Lickety Pickers have found that the best is not always the most expensive, most popular or most marketed.

We research far beyond the obvious stopping point.  This is how we find every “BEST.”   We’re pretty obsessive about it actually and along the way we find some pretty cool things.  You’ll never see the second or third rated, you’ll only find the BEST.  Of everything.

So, search for something at the top of this screen, sign up for our email and have fun. was created for you!