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How do you choose the Best products and services?

Our Lickety Pickers spend their waking hours searching review websites (ALL of them), weeding through reviews, sifting out the sponsored ones and searching all the ratings sites.  We’ve set our standards much higher than most and look beyond the obvious answers.  A good example is disposable baby diapers.  The major brands are rated number one all over the Internet but we looked a bit deeper and researched what was in them (they are touching your babies bottoms all day after all).  We found that most of the ones they sell at the supermarket contain very bad chemicals that most people don’t even know are there.  There are a few brands that are much, much better that we are considering (Whole Foods 365 brand, Earths Best) but as of now there isn’t one on our website.

Sometimes “the Best” can be found when we look beyond mass marketed products and services. Example: coffee. Everyone has their favorite and there are plenty of national brands to look at. When we dug deeper, we realized there was this whole underground world of coffee aficionados out there. They claimed to be brewing the best coffee you could drink. These people are coffee NUTS. What do they do? They buy fresh green coffee beans and roast it themselves in old popcorn poppers. They grind with a special grinder (not your typical electric variety) and brew with a tea press or aeropress. So, we got the gear and tried it ourselves. This coffee is out of this world.  It is the best.  Why?  Most coffee loses a significant amount of flavor and tastes stale about 5 days after roasting (who knew?).  As an added bonus, it’s significantly cheaper to make.

I know that other review sites allow sponsors to affect their list and/or ranking, do you?

No. No. No. We don’t roll like that. We don’t roll much at all. We make money from banner ads and affiliate links (which means if you click on a link and buy a product or service, we earn a small percentage of what the item costs).  Our picks are never influenced by or associated with any advertising or affiliate links. Ever.  Period.  We pick the BEST first, and if there is an affiliate opportunity, we’ll add the link.

I own a car dealership and am positive that our new BMW is the best car ever made, would you test it?

Yes.  We’re on it.  Send a non-returnable sample to 4719 Cedar Forest Rd. Glen Allen, VA 23060.

I use a laundry detergent brand that people have actually heard of and I LOVE it!  Your LicketyPick.com best didn’t list a brand at all.  You suggest making it at home?!  What’s
your problem?

Settle down. There’s a rhyme to our reason.  The best is not always the most popular or recognized choice.  If you love your current detergent, keep using it for heavens sake.  Most brands of laundry detergent contain very harsh chemicals that are bad for humans (Google the ingredients on the side of the bottle, then send us a thank you note) so we looked at the natural alternatives.  Although most are very good, they were very pricey, so that’s when we turned to great grandma. Before there were shiny boxes and super cleaning action packed crystals, she made it herself.  We did the same…batches and batches of this stuff to find the best. We discovered that not only do they work the best, they won’t harm you (or the environment). Two months worth can be made in under 5 minutes for next to $nothing!

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